I'm looking for beta readers!

Interested in beta reading the first book in my untitled "Mean Girls Meets Narnia" Young Adult Fantasy series? You've come to the right place!


Things to Consider:

  • Do you enjoy reading young adult portal fantasy novels?

  • Do you enjoy reading first person, present tense?

  • Will you be able to read and provide feedback for 26 chapters by December 31, 2022? 

What I'm looking for:

General reactions on a chapter by chapter basis and overall "big picture" stuff, such as:

  • Is the chapter/story interesting and enjoyable?

  • Are the characters likeable?

  • Are there any chapters or scenes that are boring?

  • Does something not make sense?

  • Etc.

I'm not looking for grammar or line by line edits. I just want to know if my story is enjoyable.

My beta reading process consists of:

  1. I send a batch of chapters (usually two or three) with questions at the end. (Don't worry they aren't quiz questions! They're questions designed to help you give me the feedback I'm looking for.)

  2. Beta readers read, answer questions, and send answers back. 

  3. I send the next batch of chapters.

  4. The process repeats until the entire book has been read.

What is this book about? (Here's a rough synopsis)

This is the first book in a four book series. (It doesn't have a title).

High school.

The thing 14-year-old Annie Martin has been dreading all summer.

Vivian Hero.

The imaginary girl only Annie can see.


The dread and Vivian's presence turn Annie into a anxious mess of nerves on her first day of ninth grade. During the Welcome Assembly, Annie is called up on stage in front of the entire school. Panicking, she wishes for someone to save her and someone listens.


Vivian whisks Annie away to the extraordinary - and somehow familiar - world of Annimart. One glimpse is enough to capture Annie's heart and the strange world becomes her sanctuary when the trials of high school become too much.


But soon, she learns her two worlds are not as separate as they first appear and if she wants to keep Vivian and the rest of Annimart safe, she'll need to make a choice, one that will salvage one world and leave the other in shambles. 

Content Warnings:

Bullying (particularly girls bullying girls)

Underage drinking 

Sexual Harassment 

If all of this sounds good to you, please sign up!

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