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The Essence Chronicles

Palace garden.png

A Choice for Essence

Book One of the Essence Chronicles 

The Land Above is not as beautiful as it appears. Sheltered within the palace nursery for the first seventeen years of her existence, Essie knows nothing of the darkness lurking behind the bright exterior. During a night of playful rule-breaking and exploration, she stumbles upon the truth when a brutal murder unfolds right before her eyes.

Horrified to learn innocent souls are being preyed upon, the young godling seeks to help and protect those in danger. That means defying the gods and goddesses, a venture that could ruin her reputation in the godly court, damage her relationships, and even cost her, her life. 

Essie has a choice. What does she choose to lose?

"Oh, darling. I wish others thought like you. But I'm afraid, you're the only flower in a garden full of weeds."

A Garden of Pawns

Book Two of the Essence Chronicles 

The realm of Essence is her garden. The flora and fauna are forever grateful Essie triumphed over the monster hunting them.


Three moons have passed since then. Even if it means putting up with less than friendly neighbours, Essie is happy to play the game of ordinary life. But an unpleasant visit from an estranged friend brings news that changes the game entirely.

The monster still lives.

Though he has yet to make his move, time is running out. Essie must figure out his plan and convince a village of wary onlookers that she isn't the one to fear.

Meanwhile, up in the Land Above, two childhood rivals band together to undermine the plot in place to harm Essie. And, on Essence's northwestern coast, a warrior's heir finds himself a pawn in a risky alliance with an otherworldly king.

Essie may have allies, but so does the enemy, and the deadly contest has begun.


A War with Fiends

Book Three of the Essence Chronicles 

Essence is on the brink of war. Essie must mitigate all conflicts before the fiendish tyrants in the Land Above notice the chaos afflicting the realm.

After barely escaping a sudden attack, Essie doubts she will have the strength. And with so many humans mistaking her as the enemy, convincing them to heed her warnings may be an impossible feat.

Essie's allies explore the past hoping to find a solution for the present. Instead, they uncover secrets that will alter the future of the ultimate crusade against the Land Above.

But if Essie and her friends can't stop the fighting in Essence, everything and everyone in the realm will be extinguished from existence, ending the war with fiends before it can even begin. 


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